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Gribousine Blond and Brown win iTQi 2008 award !
The Superior Taste Award delivered by the International Taste & Quality Institute is applied successfully by hundreds of companies involved in the food business all over the world.

This award certifies supérior taste and is used for commercial negociations and communication, and to label and differentiate the products on domestic and export markets.

Results for Gribousine Blond: 2 stars award
86,4% (first impression: 84, vision: 88, smell: 89, taste: 89, after taste: 89)

Results for Gribousine Brown: 2 stars award
84,7% (first impression: 80, vision: 87, smell: 90, taste: 90, after taste: 90)

The Brasserie de Malonne is moving.
Our rental lease at rue des Artisans, 1 at Floreffe ends on June 30th, 2008.
We have plans for building a new depot and offices. The work will commence in 2009.

In the mean-time, the Brasserie de Malonne will be based in the former tramway building, situated at 801, Chaussée de Namur à Malonne.


Conception & Design : Roland Henrion - Hébergement : P4X Sprl

Gribousine Blonde and
Gribousine Brune
2008 iTQi awards